Diamond Grind HEX

Diamond Grind HEX 4 Piece Hexagonal Grinder

  • Hexagonal shaped grinder
  • Thread-less locking system using a magnet and peg system
  • 56mm,63mm and 75mm
  • Black, Gold and Copper


Diamond Grind HEX



The HEX Diamond Grind is the newest addition to the line and we are very excited to have it available to you all!

We only have a small batch of them available right now, so get them while they’re here!

This new HEX grinder uses brand new thread-less design. Instead of unscrewing, we have designed a magnet/peg locking system so each chamber can just be pulled off with ease. The HEX comes in 3 different sizes (56mm/2.25″,63mm/2.50″ and 75mm/3.00″) and three different colors (Black, Gold and Copper). Same great Diamond Grind quality, with a brand new innovative design!




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