Diamond Grind

(2 customer reviews)
  • Variable sizes fit for everyone
  • Micron Sifting Screen for pollen collection
  • Diamond Shaped Teeth for the perfect grind
  • 12+ Beautiful Anodized colors guaranteed to never chip or flake
  • Yearly Improvements and a Lifetime Guarantee!


Diamond Grind


2 reviews for Diamond Grind

  1. Christopher Hines

    Since your here your searchin for the best, the Diamond Grinder is the truth. The customer service I received from the GrinderPalace was by far the best. I bought my Diamond Grinder about 8yrs ago from a smoke shop, was told then I have a lifetime warranty but paid it no mind. Then recently my Grinder just started lockin up on me when grindin my weed. So I went online searchin for a replacement when I came across Grinder Palace, decided to give them a try. To make a long story short I reached out to my man Evan, explained to him what was goin on. All he requested was a few pics of my Diamond Grinder, that was a wrap! The next week I received my Diamond Grinder replacement in the mail via UPS. Packaged up all nice and safe like it was worth millions! Now if you don’t have a Diamond Grinder and ya smoke then you need to stop messin around and get one. If your on the fence about the price always remember you get what you pay for, with Diamond Grinder your not just paying for another grinder but peace of mind as well!!
    So now who wants to get higher than a float at the Macy’s Day Parade!!

  2. Swear by Diamond grinder!

    Absolutely love my diamond grinder! I had it for a year and then it was dropped and dented the lid. I contacted grinder palace and they had me send them pictures and then sent me one to replace it! Super easy amazing grinders and great customer service thank you soo much!!

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