We have a lot of styles and the differences can get confusing – so here’s the rundown.

Diamond Grind: High quality anodized aluminum. Diamond Shaped teeth, capable of grinding anything. Colors galore, and in classic silver.

Diamond Grind Deluxe: Same quality teeth and colors, but with a unique removable magnetic screen for pollen collecting and cleaning.

Diamond Grind Matte Twist: The newest product in our lineup. This grinder is very special for two reasons. The Matte finish looks and feels great and the new threading is so easy it takes just half a twist to open.

ERGO: This is our top of the line model. These are the most heavy duty, durable, and ergonomic grinders we sell. They come with fixed screens and removable magnetic screens.

Diamond Grind Shakers: Our shakers are for those who love shaking your herb around and prioritizing kief collection. With a see through chamber, you can see whats going on inside. It holds a lot of herb.

EZ Grind: Our most affordable model. Made of Zinc instead of aluminum, but still the same high quality teeth and threading. We only make these in silver – and sell them at an awesome price.