DIAMOND GRIND 2021 Colors 4 piece


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Diamond Grind 2021 Pro 4 Piece Colored Grinder
♦ Improved for a better grip and a smoother grind
♦ Higher quality machining than ever before
♦ Screen and deep collection tray

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Diamond Grind Pro 2021 Edition Colored 4 Piece

Improved for a better grip and a smoother grind
Higher quality machining than ever before
4 piece aluminum herb grinder with standard screen

This Machine crafted grinder has a magnetic top, Diamond shaped super sharp teeth and a standard screen for pollen.  Our precision grinders grind herbs and spices perfectly.  Each grinder has a deep pollen tray and a tiny scraper.  Each Diamond Grind is milled from a solid tube of aircraft aluminum, NOT pressed together from various parts like other grinders!
Sharp “diamond” shaped teeth cut through almost anything,  guaranteeing your herbs are thoroughly ground.

Color Choices: Red, Navy Blue, Green, Turquoise, Black, Purple, Rose Gold, Rasta, Pink
Size choices: 40mm (1.50″), 50mm (2.00″), 56mm (2.25″), 63mm (2.50″), 75mm (3.00″) and 90mm (3.50″)
Each Diamond Grind has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!Family owned and keeping it weird in Austin, Texas!

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4 reviews for DIAMOND GRIND 2021 Colors 4 piece

  1. Lee W

    Mine has lasted for so many years! Awesome grinder

  2. Jessica

    I got this grinder from a shop in person and the magnet fell out shortly after. The shop wouldn’t replace mine despite Diamond’s awesome guarantee, and I was upset about it so came to this website and customer service was absolutely phenomenal! They responded quickly, were very friendly, and they’re sending me a new one soon. They were even so kind that they offered me a different color of my choice. Very wonderful experience, I’m a diamond grinder and grinder palace fan now! 🙂

  3. Martin Picillo

    I’ve had my original purple one for so long the coating has wear to it and it has never had a single problem these things are basically perfect, everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  4. Derrick Hagar

    when will 90mm be in stock?

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