ERGO PREMIUM  Fixed Screen grinder in COLORS

4 Piece ERGONOMIC Aluminum herbal grinder with a fixed standard screen for pollen collection
This is a very special grinder, the top has an ergonomic design so you can easily grasp the top to turn it. Each Grinder has 3 different screens (Sold Separately) that can be switched around. Created with the same expert craftsmanship as Diamond Grind but with upgraded quality, this is our PREMIUM grinder series. This Machine crafted grinder has a magnetic top, Diamond shaped super sharp teeth. Our precision grinders grind herbs and spices perfectly.

Each ERGO GRINDER is milled from a solid tube of aircraft aluminum, NOT pressed together from various parts like other grinders!ERGO grinders come in two screen models, a fixed screen and a removable screen model. The removable screens are easier to replace and clean. We do not cover screens in the limited warranty. The model listed in a removable screen model.Some of the ERGO’s are now coming with black tops and eventually we will have a full colored line of ERGO’s. I will notify you if I don’t have a silver top.If you need a new removable screen we sell them separately. Size choices: 40mm (1.50″), 50mm (2.00″), 56mm (2.25″), 63mm (2.50″), 75mm (3.00″), 90mm (3.50″) and 110mm (4.00″)Each Diamond Grind has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!Family owned and keeping it weird in Austin, Texas!